We design, develop and grow your web product

Focusing on the outcome and on awesome experiences, we build software for the web minimizing risk and increasing your product's success with code quality and experts on board


We are proud in helping our clients to discover the best outcome for their products. Through our process, we'll work with you from defining the product scope to maintaining and evolving your product once it's launched.

Product Design

We start with a collaborative ideation and research process to align stakeholder perspectives and to dig past the surface layer of what we know about the users. Clients, designers and engineers work together to identify the best way forward. Together, we make business and technical limitations visible and define features.


In our second stage, together with clients and engineers, our designers plan the visuals of the system - the best interfaces for us are the simple and the clean ones, we want to make it clear for the user what he must do. That's what we follow when designing a new product.


After we have crafted the visuals of the product, we advance to the stage where the engineering team goes full-steam, creating the functional layers of the product. We have an experienced team ready to pull off their best to ensure code quality and that we're implementing the best for the product.

Shipping it

We work on cycles called sprints. By the end of each cycle, you'll receive a functional piece of your product, so you can test and get feedback as early as possible. When we reach the end of each development sprint we ensure that the product has gone through series of tests to ensure quality and avoid bugs.

We're passionate about solving real problems with technology. From interface design to development, we focus on creating awesome experiences, dream big, and launch successful products. We're here to transform your idea into tangible, profitable software.

100% of our clients are references

The chance to make a dream come true in a short period of time and with the highest quality.

Carolina Araujo

I was searching for a company that would love and believe in my business as much as I do.

Rodrigo Castro

All of the other companies I spoke with refused to build my product, because it was too complex. CODELAND took the challenge.

Fernando Sousa


We have worked with dozens of organizations across different industries helping them to transform ideas into quality software. Open source software is at the heart of what we do. We actively build and maintain the very tools we use on our daily work to create awesome products.

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